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Special Message Regarding Your 2017 Health Insurance!

If you have an ObamaCare Plan through Aetna Coventry, United Health Care or Humana you recently received a NON-RENEWAL notice meaning they will not continue your 2017 coverage.


As a Florida Blue Insurance Agency our job is to help you review your situation to figure out your 2017 market place subsidy.  Once we figure out what your subsidy is we’ll go over the Florida Blue plans to see which one best fits your needs.  By the way, we have successfully helped hundreds of consumers in Florida, Texas and Arizona secure alternative to the affordable health act also known as ObamaCare.  Through our partners at health pass usa which utilize a nationwide PPO network you can pay 60% less for health insurance alternative.  Anyone interested in looking at this option should click here to visit the Obamacare Alternatives information page. If a person is not eligible for a subsidy or the cost of a policy through the market place is prohibitive.

Good news for Pinellas, Seminole, Orange, Polk and Sarasota Counties

Out Of Pocket Protector

I run into a lot of consumer with high deductibles  plan who does not understand what an out of pocket protector is.  Let me help you understand it really quick  before we get into maximizing your health insurance subsidy.  The out of pocket protector is simply an indemnity contract that allow will send you a check directly to your house or deposit it directly into your bank account if you have any medical condition covered under the contract that will end up covering your high deductible.  Here’s a few example:

Doctor’ visit, Emergency room visit, urgent care, cancer, loss of lamb etc…  Your reimbursement for any of these items range from $75 to $25,000 depending on your policy limits.  With these plans you can buy a less expensive plan with a higher deductible at the same time you’re covering you keeping your out of pocket down.  If you have additional questions about the pocket protector call our office at 800-954-3436 or send an email to 


Maximizing Your Health Insurance Subsidy

Many consumers are still confused as to how the health insurance market place subsidy works.  In order for anyone to qualify for a health insurance subsidy you must be employed earning a minimum of $12,000 annually.  If you’re currently not working but knows for a fact you will be getting a job during the upcoming year and will earning a minimum of $12,000 you can project your upcoming year income to qualify for a subsidy.  Here is another thing to consider.  The amount of subsidy you receive is not base on your gross annual income  but on the adjusted gross income also known as the AGI.  The AGI is your gross annual household income minus your standard deductions.

2017 Standard Deduction Table:

Another important element in figuring out your subsidy is the number of household members.  This is everyone who resides in the household who will be included in your tax return as a spouse or a dependent.  The more dependent you have the higher your subsidy will be the majority of the times.  As your personal insurance agent we will take a comprehensive look at your personal situation to help you legally and ethically maximize your health insurance subsidy absolutely free.   Our office hours is Monday- Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. We work with clients throughout the united by using our screen sharing technology to over your options.  To get started simply complete the short below hit submit so one of our agents can contact you at your preferred time.

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